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Description of the Registry:

A research form able to capture all the relevant clinical information of patients with STEMI, including the attack onset, symptoms, time and strategy of management, together with full medical history of the case, that enable us to improve our knowledge on the risks, burdens, obstacles and outcomes of real-world patients with this clinical condition. It is a multi-stage, prospective, cross sectional, multicenter, observational study of patients presenting to Cardiac Centers in UAE.


  • To figure a hospital mapping in UAE including the number of centers and hospitals with licensed cardiology department and/or Cath lab and to identify number and qualifications of interventionists, fellows and technical teams in each center or hospital.
  • To identify different patterns of treatment for STEMI cases.
  • To assess treatment rates either by PCI (balloon dilatation and/or stenting), medical management if occurred or rescue PCI and their outcome through evaluating the mortality rates due to the used procedure in hospital or center.

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